Is It Cruel to Keep Animals in Captivity?

Is It Cruel to Keep Animals in Captivity?

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Keeping animals in captivity has been practised since very long.  Putting wild creatures in cages is neither a good thing nor a sin.

In my opinion, captivating animals is not always a cruel deed in most cases where it proves to be an advantage to both humans and the creatures that were living before I the wilderness enjoying utmost freedom.  Firstly, the keeping and breeding of vulnerable animals in zoos and circuses ensure their protection better.  The era has changed; today’s world is that of factories, houses, hotels, restaurants not a world where the wildlife may have enough space to survive.  For this reason, with the help of many organisations as the World Wide Fund for Nature have built zoos where these animals can be kept and be bred in security.

Endangered natural life can also be saved by keeping some of the species in cages.  In Mauritius, for example, the kestrel – a unique bird – which was in great danger of extinction is now present in big numbers throughout the island.  It is true also for the Mauritius Parakeet and the American Bison and the trumpeter or swan both of North America as well as for other worldwide animals.  In captivity, protected from any danger, the endangered animal species are observed by scientists who then set up the creatures’ surroundings almost as it was in nature.  Thus, in their respective environment, the caged creatures adapt themselves: the male and female then reproduce, increasing the population.  This method, therefore, is not cruel but a successful means of saving endangered species from becoming extinct.


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In certain cases, some animals become too dangerous to let them roam about freely.  Tigers, leopards and other carnivorous creatures at times break into farms and kill the cattle, an easy prey due to the lack of food.  There, they are often shot by the angry farmers.  Some of the fierce hunters die while others become man-eaters – a definite threat for human life.  Therefore, they must be kept in captivity so that they do not cause harm to anyone.

Most scientists and other people do not capture animals for the sake of pleasure nor as a form of cruelty.  They keep the creatures in captivity in the latter’s own benefit.  For instance, as nowadays, forests are being cleared to provide space for building, food is not easily available to wild animals.  The giant panda eats only one kind of food: bamboo shoots and lots of them.  Moreover, these bamboo plants produce seeds and die every hundred years or so.  Thus by the time the plants are big enough to eat, many giant pandas have died of starvation.  But in the zoo, the giant panda is provided with great amounts of bamboo shoots within reach.

On the other side, the second part of the question still is a fact to be considered.  To keep animals in captivity is against nature and so partly cruel.  Some creatures like the crocodile and the deer are bred in various parks and afterwards killed for commercial purposes as belts, wallets and even as a decorative piece in houses.  It can be therefore said that to keep animals in captivity is not cruel but to a certain limit only.

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ken bultman, posted this comment on Aug 4th, 2009

I enjoyed your write. You did not proceed to the point where I would find disagreement.

ladybaby, posted this comment on Aug 4th, 2009

I like that you brought this subject up. Animals in captivity are not always treated kindly. When they are held in small confined cages where they can hardly move, that is CRUELTY, but most zoos now provide ample space for the animals to roam around in a more natural environment. In that case, I agree with you that they may be safer there, then in the wild where they live in constant danger of predators., posted this comment on Oct 12th, 2009

i am doing a project for my business diploma and have chosen whether or not it is ethical to keep animals in captivity. i found this page interesting and i totally agree with what you have said. i am unbiased so i see this for and against.

Ruby Wilson, posted this comment on May 24th, 2010

i think that it is unfair to keep animals in captivity because the deserve to be free and live the way thety want to like us. they deserve to have the right of freedom. i believe the only time it is ever right to keep animals in captivity is when they are about to become extinct, however i think that after the animals have br4ed then they should be set free into the wild to learn how to defend them selves!!!!

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u must write some of the bad thing that may happen if we put too much animal in captivity there will be unbalance in nature. Just said like if we capture alot of carnivorous animals there will be an increase in herbivour which will make plant to disappear

allie, posted this comment on Mar 24th, 2011

this was actually quite gooood

Jodie, posted this comment on Jun 21st, 2011

I really liked this concidering I am so against animal captivity maybe it can be good for some things like the extinct animals but they could also send those ones to be soon extinct to other places other than a zoo.

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